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What We Seek And Hope For

The world today is like a wilderness. There are wars in many parts of the world. In places not visited by wars or violence, there is the ever present threat of terrorism. There is constant fear and panic in financial … Continue reading

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Tuesdays with Alran

Dr. Alran Bengzon was the most unlikely appointee to be Dean of a Business School. He is a Doctor of Medicine, a neurologists at that. He just finished his stint as Secretary of Health but has never really been an … Continue reading

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What My Faith Tells Me

The scientists at CERN constructed and used the $50billion LHC to prove the existence of the so-called God particle. I use my Php 500 bible to come to essentially the same conclusion. My faith tells me that there is more … Continue reading

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The Price of Discipleship

I often often feel apprehensive when I try to give and be generous. What if nothing is left for me and I end being the one in need? What if my present is not wanted nor appreciated? What if I … Continue reading

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The Stories That We Tell

String words together and a story is told. People always love a good story. A good story must have conflict and an end. Complications, difficulties and problems are the conflicts that drive the action. It is the quest for solutions … Continue reading

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The Fool on the Hill

I love the Beatles. They somehow wrote the soundtrack of my growing up years. And even today, their songs still resonate strongly with me. They were the children of our age: the sexual revolution, the shedding off of long-held traditions, … Continue reading

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Doors, Portals, and Thresholds

I love doors, portals, thresholds. I love even more what they open up to. There is mystery behind every door, an adventure beyond every portal, and a new level of being beyond any threshold. Doors, portals, thresholds. They are the … Continue reading

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Some Things To Deeply Ponder About

So He said, “Go forth and stand on the mountain before the Lord.” And behold, the Lord was passing by! And a great and strong wind was rending the mountains and breaking in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind. And after … Continue reading

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It Is The Lord!

When there is so much deceit, lying and hypocrisy in the world, and people are fed untruths as a matter of course; it is difficult to say, “It is the Lord.” When there is so much greed among men that … Continue reading

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Shunning the Prosperity Gospel

In my life journey, I have made the conscious and deliberate effort to follow the way of Christ. I have found strength, inspiration and deep meaning in doing so. In time of difficulties, I found guidance in his words and … Continue reading

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