What We Seek And Hope For


The world today is like a wilderness.
There are wars in many parts of the world.
In places not visited by wars or violence,
there is the ever present threat of terrorism.
There is constant fear and panic in financial markets,
which are forever driven by greed and selfishness.

Yet in the midst of all this turmoil and drift,
there are voices crying out in this wilderness,
proclaiming that the Lord is nigh,
that salvation is at hand,
that man is born for greater and better things,
that love will save us all and that peace will eventually reign.

Do I join those in panic or am I among the proclaimers?

Every epic tale since time immemorial has always involved
a protagonist going on a quest or a mission to rescue people in distress,
or win a kingdom or save his people.
Along the way, he encounters all sorts of difficulties and obstacles.
He is helped by a host of other people, many of them strangers.
He is distracted by still many others, some of whom are close to him.
In the process, he discovers himself and realizes
that the quest was after all his own self-discovery.
Thus, it is in real life.
We find ourselves only when we seek out the good of and in others.

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2 Responses to What We Seek And Hope For

  1. bwcarey says:

    the journey. how we cope with difficulties, knowing yourself, and then realizing, the God lives inside you, and that everyday you have the choice to create that space, for others too, be blessed

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