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The First Day Of Spring

It is a beautiful morning, the first day of Spring. As I relish this moment, I am grateful for a number of things. The beauty that surrounds me is springing forth everywhere. Even the air is fresher and it’s got … Continue reading

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It is wonderful world and life is beautiful. But there is also a lot to make one sad. Like, billions of people live on but a dollar a day while a few have billions and still want more. There is … Continue reading

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God’s Mysterious Ways

The fall of Constantinople in 1453 signaled the end of an era. The last vestiges of the powerful Holy Roman Empire finally succumbed to the onslaughts of the Ottoman Empire. In its heyday, the Holy Roman Empire which existed for … Continue reading

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Miron is the Filipino equivalent of ‘kibitzer’. It probably has its roots in mirar, Spanish for ‘to look, to see, to watch’. No player in any game ever wins against a miron, who always will know better and always has … Continue reading

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My God Is An Awesome God

We live today in a throw-away and disposable society, born out of an environment steeped in consumerism and crass materialism. When something is damaged, it is no longer repaired but rather thrown away and replaced. Most things have an expiry … Continue reading

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A little girl on a mountain peak shouts out with joy: “Thank you God for the beauty and wonder of your creation!” Another day has just broken and she proclaims: “Thank you God for another wonderful day!” Spring is about … Continue reading

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Tough Love

It takes a lot of courage and a strong character to love and to forgive. It is so much easier to give in to anger, hatred, revenge and violence. When I get hurt, it is easier to throw a fist … Continue reading

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Mercy And Forgiveness

It has been a year since Pope Francis became pope. And what a year it has been. He has inspired us with his words and wisdom. He has touched the world and changed many through his actions. One of his … Continue reading

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In My Life

In my life, there has been nothing that I fervently prayed for that was not given to me; nothing that I sought that I did not find. I have knocked on many doors and I have been surprised and deeply … Continue reading

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God gave me life and placed me in the middle of a garden He created called Earth. I did nothing to deserve such awesome and infinite love. With a grateful heart, I want to sing praises to Him. I want … Continue reading

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