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A Pause To Say ‘Thank You’

¬†Whenever I read the news these days and I can sense a lot of fear, anxiety and divisions. Never in man’s history have there been so much affluence and material comforts in the lives of people and yet there has … Continue reading

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The Price of Discipleship

I often often feel apprehensive when I try to give and be generous. What if nothing is left for me and I end being the one in need? What if my present is not wanted nor appreciated? What if I … Continue reading

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Reaching Out To The Transcendent

We live today in a highly secular society driven by science and technology. But even in the midst of so much agnosticism, I can still sense a certain human need for the transcendent, the sublime, the ineffable. a hunger and … Continue reading

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One Chance Encounter

We worked together one summer at a Summer Leadership Camp for Youth Leaders from the local depressed areas some fifty years ago. It was a two-month program. I had a great time. But did not think much about it later. … Continue reading

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How Can One Not Believe?

It takes the light of the sun eight minutes to reach us on earth. We are looking at some galaxies and stars whose light left some 15 billions years ago and we are seeing them only now. Imagine the magnitude … Continue reading

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Failing Senses and Heavenly Scents

I am increasingly becoming hard of hearing Many sounds and conversations I do not hear Am I being attuned to heavenly sounds Because the end is drawing near? My eyesight seems to be fading too I have to squint to … Continue reading

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Why Fasting Matters

Fasting has always been one of the prescribed spiritual exercises of all the great religions. There is something about denying the senses, in this case taste, in order to experience what the senses on fail to perceive. When we shut … Continue reading

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