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Teachers Build The Future

This morning, I had breakfast with two former students to catch up on what each one of us was doing currently. Iy warmed my heart to hear them say that their studies and education have made all the difference in … Continue reading

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Sleeping as Prayer

I have this strange notion that we are closest to God when we are asleep. When we are awake, so many things demand our attention. When we are asleep, our senses are at rest and so is our consciousness. But … Continue reading

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The Faith of Filipinos

Today is the Feast of the Black Nazarene of Quiapo. Thousands will gather to join the annual procession of the statue of a black Christ carrying his cross. Because of the huge crowd, the traslacion from the Luneta to the … Continue reading

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Questions and Life

Man lives his life asking questions, getting answers which only give rise to even more questions. He starts out life as a child with interminable “what’s” and “why’s”. In the end, he is an old man in the evening of … Continue reading

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Seeing the Extraordinary in the Ordinary

As the Christmas season draws to a close, we come to the routine of ordinary everyday life. We leave behind the joy, excitement and celebrations and return to our daily normal schedules of earning a living, keeping house, running errands, … Continue reading

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Magi And Epiphanies

Originally posted on Spirit Moments:
Today is the Feast of the Epiphany. Traditionally, this is the Christmas celebration in the Eastern Orthodox Church. In many countries in the West, this is the Feast of the Three Kings, when children, specially…

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Life Questions

The new year is but the continuation of our searchings and our journey. It also evokes questions on where we are going, how we will get there, why do we even want to go. We yearn for certainty and answers … Continue reading

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