My Heart

An Amazing Beating Heart (from Wikipedia)

My heart beats about 80 times a minute. That is 115,200 a day. 42,048,000 time a year!
My heart is made up of entirely cardiac muscles and some cartilage. No bones.
It is about the size of my fist and weighs some 300 grams.
Through my heart’s rhythmic beating,
about five liters of blood is circulated throughout my body.
The blood brings nutrients and oxygen to cells and organs;
and also flushes out the toxins and waste materials from the body.
This fistful of flesh and blood keeps me alive.

But my heart is more than flesh, muscles and bones.
When I am happy, my heart beats in a joyful syncopation.
When I am sad, I feel the beats slowing down in sorrow.
And when the sorrow is severe, it feels like my heart would break to pieces.
When I am in love, my heart would often skip a beat
and sometimes totally lose its rhythm.
When the love is intense, it feels like my heart would want to burst out of my chest.
Then, in times of peace and serenity, my heart falls into a cadence
that is both reassuring and grateful that I am alive.
When there are reason to be grateful, my heart seems to sing.
When there are times I disappoint myself or others, I can hear my heart cry.

Often, I would quiet myself
and let my breathing fall in rhythm with the beating of my heart.
I feel and relish the air coming into my lungs
and have the heart deliver life-nourishing oxygen to the rest of my body.
And as I breathe out, I consciously expel the toxins out of my system.
I am grateful for my body and my heart.
But I also realize that I am more than the flesh and bones that make up my body.
My heart tells me so.
I am a spirit that lives in a body but not a prisoner therein.

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