Age quod agis.” (Do what you are doing.)
This was the advice drilled into us by Fr. Basilio David
during our formative years in the seminary.
These are perilous times we live in and we need heores.
But not everyone can be a Superhero that can save the world.
In fact, Superheroes who save the world single-handedly do not exist.
Yet, the wonder of being human is that everyone can be a hero
simply by doing what is at hand to be done and doing it well.
Minima maxime.
To do even the smallest things in the best possible way.
The poet Milton, on his blindness, wrote, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”
Saint Therese of Lisieux is the Patron Saint of the Missions
even though she never went out to one.
She did what she could do and did it exceptionally well – pray.
Mother Theresa helped millions of the poor and destitute
but she did it one person at a time.
The heroic moment is now, for life itself is one epic happening.
I will bloom and grow where I am planted.
I will not and should not miss it.

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