No Masks Needed When Being Generous


There is none so blind as one who refuses to see;
nor one harder to wake up than one who pretends to sleep.
Often, I live my life with different masks on and with a lot of pretensions.
Like, I sometimes show people a happy face when deep inside I am hurting.
I can mistake form for substance like doing prayers regularly
but not changing what ought to be changed in me.
I am grateful for the many blessings I have received.
It is with humility that I acknowledge these,
not because I have deserved them for the good I might have good
but because life itself is generous,
because there is a God who has created a giving rather than a taking universe.
The sun tirelessly gives off light.
So, should I be giving in generosity.
The stars constantly emit their energy.
So, should my giving be constant and consistent.
Even plants and trees continuously give us their oxygen to breathe.
So, thus should my love and service to others.

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