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While we marvel at the beauty and order there seems to be in the universe, it is actually a chaotic and dangerous place out there. New stars are constantly exploding into existence while old ones are imploding into black holes. … Continue reading

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Faith, Love and Hope

Man is unique in all of creation because of his capacity to reason. Man has done marvelous deeds because of this capability. Because of this, man has swung between the temptation of believing he is the center of all creation … Continue reading

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Sede Vacante

(Photo courtesy of Fr. Daniel Huang, SJ) Yesterday was the last day in office of Pope Benedict XVI. The Chair of Peter is empty. The Church he left behind is roiled in turmoil – beset financial scandals, numerous incidents of … Continue reading

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The Human Face of God

In writing down my reflections, I often refer to God as the Presence, the Source. I am often hesitant to name Jesus Christ, probably too keenly aware of the strong secular milieu I am in that is not too welcoming … Continue reading

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Life Is Great. So How Come I Act Like This Was All A Random Event?

Life is a great gift. For all the difficulties in living, it is still wonderful to be alive. I came from my parents but that does not explain to me why I am here. I am deeply grateful to the … Continue reading

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The Spirit Within Me

Life is difficult and also very fragile. Life is precious not because it is unchangeable but because it is so vulnerable. I am one of a million possibilities and yet I am the one who made it. I could have … Continue reading

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Hope is probably the most human of emotions. It uplifts us from our misery to envision and work for better times. It inspires us to create new visions and make this world a better place. It is hope for better … Continue reading

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Saying YES to Life!

Life is such a wonderful experience, so thrilling and exhilarating, that I often wish for more and wishing for it never to end. But life is also punctuated by moments of emptiness and boredom. Life is meant to be lived … Continue reading

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Smugness Can Kill

Everyone, it seems to me, wants comfort and stability. We seek balance and equilibrium to save us from all the stressing and straining.But too much comfort and a life of ease only serves to weaken not only one’s body and … Continue reading

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Pascal’s Wager

Science worships at the altar of the gods of Certainty and Repeatability. But increasingly science is discovering that, at it very core, the universe is ruled by random probability. Probability theory partial traces its roots to Blaise Pascal, noted for … Continue reading

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