Being in the Here and Now


There are billions of galaxies in the universe,
and billions of stars in each of these galaxies,
and many – if not all – of these stars have planets orbiting around them.
One can imagine trillions of planets revolving around these stars.
It is a statistical probability that there has to be some life forms in some of these planets. So, it is very probable we are not alone.
But we have yet to make contact with any intelligent life-form out there.
Is it possible we are unique in the whole universe?
Are we the only intelligent, conscious beings in the universe?
Indeed, in the vast and volatile universe, life hardly seems possible.
Yet, here we are, in one tiny corner of an average galaxy, enjoying the blessings of life.
We may never know the answer.
But believing in a God, who often confounds me with contradictions and surprises,
I am thrilled by the thought we could in fact be unique in the whole universe.
I am even more thrilled by the thought that I am loved in a personal and unique way among all the billions of human beings on earth by this generous and omnipotent God.
And when I die, all he has to do is say “Rise!”
and I am born to eternal life.
Hard to believe?
No less improbable or hard to believe than the gift of life I now enjoy.
There is no particular reason or need that I should be here.
Yet, I am. Here. Now.
In the numbers of probability, I am one of a hundred millions of possibilities.
And I came to be.
I have already won in the great lottery of life.

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