Doubts? Try Faith


There is always the danger and temptation of creating God
in my own image and likeness,
of wanting to lead my life according to my own script.
And just when I think I know God,
or when my life is going as I believe it should;
something happens to shake me out of my delusion that I am in control.
During such times, my faith gets shaken and I have my doubts.
I forget that God is in control.
One thing I am realizing is that a faith untested is a weak faith.
Like muscles, if one does not use his faith , one loses it.
If one does not ‘use’ his soul or spirit, one loses it.

I do not pray for God to take away pain and suffering in my life.
I should welcome these heartaches I go through,
most of them minor, some major;
some are self-inflicted, others are burdens I have to carry for other;
some are physical, others are emotional and still others are spiritual.
I pray instead for the grace of the courage to face them,
for strength to bear them,
and for perseverance in my faith
that God is creating me in His image and likeness
by forging me into someone better,
much as a blacksmith forges iron through fire and hammer
to transform it into steel.

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