Out of Beauty, Faith Is Born

Version 2

I am always amazed and at a loss for words when I stare out at the heavens.
On a clear night, I can see many of the billions of stars that make up the Milky Way.
Occasionally, there would be a meteor streaking across the sky.
On certain nights, I catch Jupiter paying court to the moon.
One awesome night, during a lunar eclipse, it was like the moon, the sun and Jupiter
were having an intimate conversation.

I am simply awed when I stand before a grand and majestic scene of nature,
be it the wide expanse of the open seas,
the grand vista of the mountains,
or the wild explosion of colors in the meadows during springtime.
I don’t need to be a believer to see and appreciate all that beauty and grandeur.
But my faith does give me a deeper appreciation of it all.
Knowing who created all that beauty and all that grandeur
and knowing why he did it
fills my heart with deep feelings of
and love
for the Creator, for myself,
for the world and for all the others
I share this world with.

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