Living The Life Of The Spirit


It is the  desert experiences that make possible the beauty of the valley.
The small painful moments that prepare us
to face the big dramatic ones with courage and fortitude.
It is only when we are empty that
That God can fill us with His fullness.
And would we ever need God to console is
If we have never known desolation.
In the loneliness and the silence,
We feel His Presence and hear His word.
And out of the rocks and stones of the barren desert,
we put up an altar to honor his Holy Presence.

‘Have you not heard his silent steps?
He comes, comes, ever comes.
Every moment and every age, every day and every night,
he comes, comes, ever comes.
In the fragrant days of sunny April through the forest path
he comes, comes, ever comes.
In sorrow after sorrow,
it is his steps that press upon my heart,
and it is the golden touch of his feet that makes my joy to shine’.
~ Rabindranath Tagore

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