Awed Again By The Beauty Around


The earth was formed about 4.57 billion years ago.
Humans did not come upon the scene until much later.
It was only after the Cretaceous–tertiary extinction event, some 65 million years ago.
It took millions of years and at least five great extinction events
(when almost all life was wiped out on the earth)
to prepare the earth and make it habitable and hospitable for humans.

Now, we have been doing more in the last 200 years than all the people before us
to make the earth less habitable and less hospitable for human life.
We are slowly killing ourselves and driving ourselves to extinction.
In terms of geological periods, we are doing this first ever man-made extinction real fast.

Man does not own creation.
Man is but part of creation.
When we thrash our planet and ruin it;
we thrash our lives and ruin ourselves.

Would it help to save our planet Earth
should I choose to live simply and have respect for everything that lives?
Or, if I were to curb my inordinate propensity for consumption
and use only what I need so that others may also live?
Were I will share more as I realize that the earth is meant to be shared,
would this forestall or even prevent our coming destruction?
When will we realize that other living things have as much rights to earth as we
for they are part of the ecology that makes earth a perfect home for men.

The stars and the galaxies awe us because of their sheer magnitude.
They are a wonder to behold with their energy and light.
But in the depths of space there is but emptiness and darkness.
In contrast, Earth is a filled with beauty and colors and sounds and smells.
It is truly a paradise only by an omnipotent and loving Creator.
The beauty and order we see in nature is but a reflection of the beauty
and awesomeness of our Creator.
For are we not all made in His image and likeness?


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