Doors, Portals, and Thresholds


I love doors, portals, thresholds.
I love even more what they open up to.
There is mystery behind every door,
an adventure beyond every portal,
and a new level of being beyond
any threshold.
Doors, portals, thresholds.
They are the visuals for the questions
that often play in my mind.
And answers are the passage from one side to the other.

Like, I have often realized that there is no compelling reason why I should be here. There is no irreducible mathematical formula the answer to which would be my particular existence.

In the face of such simple fact, science tells me I am a totally random event, which conclusion I instinctively and intuitively refuse to accept. I love science for the answers and explanations it can give me. I cling to my faith for things I cannot answer nor explain. Just as a flower reaches out to the sun, finding life and nourishment in its warmth, I reach out for the unreachable, seek to know the unknowable and dare to dream the impossible. It is crossing the threshold.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Or in science for that matter.

There is always deep inside me a desire, a yearning for significance, for meaning, for making an important contribution or doing something great and heroic. At the same time, I am often overwhelmed by my own insignificance, smallness and ordinariness. ‘Small is Beautiful’ is the title of a best-selling book that tried to re-write economics as if people mattered. In human health, micro-nutrients have been proven essential to overall well-being. In nanotechnology, micro-bots are fast becoming the trend. Man is but a speck of star dust in the cosmic scheme of things. And when Christ came, he chose to work with the small and insignificant people of his times: the fisher-folks, ordinary workers, tax collectors, sinners and prostitutes. He went out of his way to seek out the least, the lost and the last. But he transformed them all and showed what he can do with what is small and considered insignificant.

I keep on seeking, therefore I open doors.
I keep on yearning, therefore I go through portals.
I long for forever and the fullness of life, therefore i pass through thresholds.

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