The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 7


The power of the word, whether written or spoken, is simply amazing. It has the unlimited capacity to inspire and to move people to build, or to destroy nations, to convert and to change lives, to provide joy in sorrow and to inflict pain in anger.

I have been blessed to have met and been touched by people who have the gift of words. Some whom I can recall right now are Father Carlos Abesamis, Ed Dela Torre, Bishop Chito Tagle, Doctor Alran Bengzon, Father Jojo Magdia, Stephen Covey.

But the greatest of them all is the Word Himself: “for all the people were spellbound by what they heard.”

God’s Word is create-ive. He said, “Let there be light!” and there was light. In the fullness of time, his Word became flesh. This is the greatest mystery the man will even encounter. There is no way that man  with his finite mind can fully comprehend an infinite God. So, the Word was made flesh so flesh can understand and comprehend.

I am thankful for the Incarnation. In my own life, God had only to utter my name for me to come into existence. Many people, in different places and from different times, have been struggling to prove or to know God. I simply accept Him in the person of Jesus – the Word made man.

I have a first hand experience of the power and creative force of words when I pray. When I pray I give voice to my deepest yearnings within me. The words with which I pray give form and flesh to my deepest feelings and emotions. When I give words to my joys, sufferings, inspirations and anxieties, I get to truly own them. And in owning them, I can transform them. In the process, I become transformed myself. Through prayers and the words I utter in prayer, I share in God’s continuing act of creation.

Like in times primeval, he said: “Let there be light.” and there was light. To the blind man, Jesus said: “Receive your sight.” and the blind man saw the light. In prayer, I say with faith: “Lord, that I may see.” He stays with me and helps me see: sometimes dimly, sometimes brightly.

Thank you for words.
Thank you for prayers.
Thank you for the Word becoming flesh


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