The Attitude of Gratitude – Day 8




Thank God for Wednesdays!

Many of our close friends and people who have known us for years know about our Wednesdates.

When we were planning our wedding almost fifty years ago, we had a longish guests wish-list but we were rather short on finances and resources. We thought hard on how to keep our guest list within the bounds of our resources.

We decided to have our wedding in the morning during the middle of the week. And, through natural selection, we were able to keep our guests within manageable levels. I know that the wedding day is the bride’s day and her time to shine in all her beauty. I felt rather bad that Anabelle’s was not so posh. So, I promised her I will make up for it by making all her Wednesdays special, unique, and different. Since then, we would go out on Wednesday nights, usually to have dinner and then see a movie. Sometimes, we would go to a concert or a play instead. There are times we would invite a friend or two to join us. Or, sometimes we would go a visit a friend or family. But Wednesday was our night to do our thing together.

For as long as our friends and family could remember, we always went out on Wednesdates. When our kids were growing up, Mickey our second son would often throw a tantrum when we had to leave them Wednesday nights. In due time, they got the idea and would even egg us to go on our Wednesdate when we would be running late. It is a ‘funny’ story we would share with friends and new acquittances to get a few chuckles.

One time, we shared it with our Discovery Weekend community and very soon, many of them were having their own Wednesdates. It helped couples to strengthen their relationship to have one night in the week just for themselves.

It was a serendipitous promise. I sincerely made it early in our marriage and we have been pretty religious in observing our Wednesdate. I could never have imagined then what fruits it would bring us.

Yes, thank God for Wednesdates!

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