The Presence We Call The Spirit


I am more than the sum of my parts.
In my deepest being, I am no different from everything else that exist.
Yet, when I look into my deepest being,
I know that I am different from everything else that exist.
I look up to the heavens and wonder at all that vastness and beauty.
I know that I belong to those stars,
yet, I also know I am more precious and loved that all those stars.

I am not an accident.
I was born for greater things.
There is something in the air that makes me realize
I am going on a journey;
I am on a quest for who I really am;
I am being called to come home.

I see beauty around me: a flower in bloom, a smile on a face, a sunrise.
These are signposts to guide me on journey.
I see the reality of life: nature and people in communion,
children exploring and learning the world around them,
people discovering the truth in living harmoniously together.
These are markers that I am on the right quest.
I see the goodness around me: people sharing and loving in spite of difficulties,
the hungry being fed, the sick being healed, strangers being welcomed.
These are the acts that will finally bring me home.

Everything that exist has a cause and a reason.
I know God created everything.
I believe that God took on human form to teach us how to live and to love.
And beyond creation and my redemption,
I believe that God is the Spirit
who guides me on my journey,
inspires me in my quest,
and surely bringing me home.

Prayer 03


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