Mysteries And Roots

That in our hearts may live His memory

The world we live in is a simple and yet a mysterious place.
There are simple truths that are self-evident.
Like, what goes up must come down.
There are some truths we do not see
but feel deeply in our hearts.
Like, He who descended from heaven to become man
must ascend and go back to the Father.
And there are truths so profound they astound.
Like, a grain of sand does not a beach make
and yet we can see in it the universe.
A man does not humanity make
and yet each person contains all that humanity is
and what we all hope to be.
My head keeps on searching for answers
yet my heart forever poses endless questions.

Even though I now live in one of the most cosmopolitan
and urbanized areas in the world,
I can still feel my peasant roots.
My forebears were tillers, but not owners, of the soil.
On the side, many of them were also carpenters.
Even as I watch my grandchildren grow,
I can see glimpses of me in them:
my moodiness and quickness of mind in my grandson;
my playfulness and humor in my granddaughter.
There is a continuing thread that runs through us all.
This thread is not unique to our family
but it is the common thread that binds us together
with the rest of humanity.
And it goes all the way back
and all the way forward
to its Source.

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