In nature, nothing is ever out of place.
The beach looks as natural with or without footprints.
With footprints, the scene suggests there are humans around with stories, to tell.
Without the footprints, the pristine scene makes on wonder how things were
before people came into the scene.

There have been many moments in my life that I felt I had things wrong,
that things were not quite where they should be,
that there is something missing.
Among the young ones today, FOMO has gained currency.
Fear Of Missing Out.
I fear I am missing out on something.

For many years, I worked and walked along corridors of power,
small corridors perhaps but still with some power.
There were a number of times
– I have lost count but the more significant ones I can still remember –
that I wondered what I was doing there in the first place or why.
Like, I did not really belong.
A true member of that old-boys network would have understood perfectly
what was happening but I kept missing my cues.
One boss I worked for thought I was being enigmatic
when in fact I was at a loss and wondering what I was doing there.
He labeled me as ‘el hombre misterioso’.

Even now, I walk my way still with a lot of fear and trembling,
afraid I might be doing the wrong things,
saying the uncalled for words
or thinking the inappropriate thoughts.

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