Reflected Glory


The moon has no light of her own.
She is but the reflections of the sun.
When the sun is out, we don’t see her.
But she bathes our nights with her warm and tender light.

Everything that is has a beginning
But I am not so sure about the ending
There’s always a cause to everything with that is
And everything that is seem to somehow persists.

Where there is smoke there is fire.
Things do not just appear just like magic
The beauty and goodness that I enjoy and see
Must have been placed there by somebody.

We all believe in cause-and-effect
When we see the world around us
There must have been a beginning and a cause
Why do some believe all this is chance.

I see beauty and I can’t wait to see the source.
I see goodness and it moves me by its force.
I am here though I did not ask to be
I simply want to know the God who made me.

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