God, Being God


Watching the sunset gives me deep and almost heavenly feeling. It is the end of another day, something that should bring about sadness as most endings do. But sunsets leave me with a sense of wonder and reverence at the beauty that marks the end of each day. They make me feel grateful for the gift of another day. I become hopeful for the coming of another day; for such ineffable beauty cannot simply disappear into the night. It is something that is meant to last for a long time, if only in my memory or better yet, into eternity.

I see the sky as God’s palette and I enjoy watching him paint it with melted rainbows, constantly changing with each passing minute. Or be delighted by the bare branches of trees waiting to bloom back in spring seemingly dancing in the fading sunset. I can only stand with mouth agape at such artistry and creativity unfolding before me. This is God, being God.

Often in my prayers, I pretend to be better than the Great Artist and ask God to paint nature and life according to my concept or idea. I ask him act the way I would want him to. I assume I know better than God who alone can paint sunsets of endless beauty. I ask him to give more material blessings believing these will bring me happiness. I ask him to change people around me in the hope of taking away my problems and difficulties. I ask for more blessings and happiness often forgetting that I have more than enough. Being alive is more gift than I deserve. I want to create God in my image and like-ness, like I like God to . . . .

“Behold, I make all things new.” God had promised us. God has no plan for us. That is up to us to make. But we have to align our plan and life-project to God’s will. And we see God’s will in the signs we see around us and in us. God is a God who makes and creates. God makes all things good and beautiful. He makes all things new.

I choose to let God be God then lead my life according to His will.

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  1. What a beautiful post. It was so lovely and peaceful. I could picture everything. God Bless! 🙏

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