Innocence And Beauty


Children are color blind for all they see are
Bundles of joy and laughter with whom
They can spend the whole day at play.

Children do not care what color your skin is
They simply pass away the hours
Painting the colors of the wind.

No one is born hating or angry at someone
Babies know only peace at Mommy’s bosom
While suckling at her breast.

Babies seem to live only to get and receive
But they give us joy by just being there
And lessons we spend the rest of our lives learning.

Children teach us love like no other
Love is being with and doing things for another.
Love needs no special reason to be with nor to do things for.

Love can give one a nice warm feeling
but more than the feeling,
love is the decision to be with the persons you love
and do things for them no other person would.

We come from innocence and beauty.
Somehow along the way, we lose these both.
And life is all about getting back to where we began.

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