Prayer 01

Goodness and kindness are not the monopoly of Christians nor of believers.
A sense of the sacred has been with man
since he first stood awe-struck in wonderment
at the presence of some ineffable mystery.
I try to imbibe all this goodness and kindness every day.
I start my day in silent prayer to feel and be aware of this sacred presence in my life.
But even as I am aware of the beauty and goodness around me,
the truth is that life is never completely satisfying.
Like there is a big ache in my heart right now
and I am looking for a quick and easy solution.
Easy solutions are often the wrong “answers”.
And I know they are not God’s way.
This ache will probably linger for a few days more
and then will come back every now and then for the rest of my life.
It might be resolved in a way I will not like nor even expect.
I just hope the pain and the hurt will not discourage
or totally frustrate me and the persons around me.
In my heart, I pray “In His time, He makes all things beautiful in his time.”

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