Only From God

“I came in the name of my Father, but you do not accept me; yet if another comes in his own name, you will accept him. How can you believe, when you accept praise from one another and do not seek the praise that comes from the only God?”
~ John 5:43-44

There is so much to be sad and disheartened about the world today. There is so much violence and hatred when we know that we cannot keep on killing and harming one another. There is so much hunger and deprivation in the world when we have the resources and capability to feed everyone. There is so much dissension and conflict when we have learned many times over that we do thing better and we do better when we collaborate and work harmoniously together.

In spite of all the things that are wrong in this world, there is an abiding faith and hope deep inside me that God in the end will bring everything to perfection. On the one hand, science and technology, through which men have accomplished much of the things we enjoy today, in based on the intelligibility of nature and the universe. There is reason and logic behind everything there is. On the other hand, philosophy and theology show us the perfectibility of world. Things on the whole eventually become better and there is salvation for all of us where we are brought to the fullness of life.

In the end, as well as in the beginning, but also in the deepest recesses of men’s being, we know that in the midst of all the ugliness we see there is Ultimate Beauty that is at the core of our lives; that in the face of all the evil we experience there is Infinite Goodness that brought us into life and eventually bring us its fullness; that in spite of all the lies we hear there is the Irrefutable Truth that guides us and finally bring us to its eternal light.

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