We Love; Therefore, We Are.


“I think; therefore, I am.”
Thus, Descartes has spawned the rationalistic and scientific culture
we see dominant in the West today.
It also explains the intense individualism (“I am.”) we see.

A more realistic philosophy, I believe, is
“I co-exist; therefore, I am.”
My existence assumes others in my life.
My being here is contingent on links to nature, people and God.
If nature were any colder, we would all be frozen stiff;
and if it were any hotter we would all be burnt to a crisp.
We need others to live as it takes a village to raise a man.
And finally, we need a loving God who has made this web and circle of life
the wonderful experience that it is.

And this God took on our nature and became like us
to teach us the ultimate lesson:
“We love; therefore, we are.”

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