Families As Oases Of Love


We live in a secular and open society.
Everything is up for questioning and subject to challenge.
Because nothing is sacred anymore.
No more absolute values or norms.

On the one hand, I welcome this for it has meant freedom
from many oppressive practices and beliefs from the past.
On the other hand, I sometimes fear that the freedom and openness
can go so far that people lose their moorings and become adrift.

I think of the family, long time the bedrock of all stable societies,
now buffeted by problems and challenges from all sides and being torn asunder. Divorce, for example, is now acceptable everywhere.
It seems the Philippines is the only place left on earth where it is not legally allowed.
And there is a strong push to legalize it.

Children are often the innocent victims of all this progressivism.
Abortions of unwanted babies are legal in many countries.
This damages families in ways we may not be aware of.
And all the discussions on same sex marriages and
same sex couple parenting have me all confused.

I thank God for my own family and pray that he keeps blessing us.
I pray for families I know and families everywhere that they may find
the strength, courage and grace to face up to the challenges confronting families today. And I pray that people will still find families as oases of love, hope and faith
in a world seemingly bereft of these.

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