Making Space


Even a barren desert can be full of life.
There is reason for hope even in the wilderness.

If I were so full of myself,
how could there be space for anybody else in my life?
If I were filled with so much anger and bitterness,
would there still be room for joy and happiness to come in?
When I feel empty and lacking,
isn’t that a sign that God is trying to find for himself a space in my life?
And I were to fill my life with goodness,
then I would be crowding the bad things out of my life.

I guess this is the reason why children are more attuned to the divine that adults are. Children are tabula rasa, waiting to be written upon.
Untouched as they are by disappointments and worries,
they have room for everyone and everything to come into their lives.
I love children and the lessons they can teach me.

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