The Family And The Trinity

Being a father 1

Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz CA

Today is the third Sunday in June,
the day the world celebrates as Fathers’ Day.
Digital media is awash with greetings and paeans to oft forgotten fathers.
As a father, I have always seen my role as a father
is to give my sons roots and wings.
We hold children’s hands for a while
Then they grow wings in the blink of an eye
And before we realize, away they fly.
Here’s to fathers who have given their children strong roots
– in values, character, goodness, and integrity –
and strong wings
– to follow their dreams and to strike out on their own.

Today is also the first Sunday after Pentecost.
It is the Feast of the Holy Trinity,
a community of life and love.
Much like the community of life and love
that the family is.
The Holy Trinity is the deepest mystery of the Christian Faith.
Trying to understand it is like
trying to pour the entire ocean into a child’s bucket.
Yet, I see the Trinity in the Family.
And the family as a community of life and love,
I have lived out and understood.
No mystery there.
Just Life and Love.

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