Remember, Man


It is Ash Wednesday.
A day to be reminded that we are but dust in the wind.
And the wind will eventually blow us back to dust.
Some would celebrate that we are indeed but dust,
But we are glorious stardust.
And that’s the rub.

We dream of the stars and reach for the heavens.
And man has gone a long way from caves to today’s cities.
But man, for all the goodness in him, can fall prey
to wickedness and perversions of tragic proportions.

We see lawmakers and government official
who in their hubris think they are above the law.
Laws are for everyone else but do not apply to them.
And worse, there are no laws that apply to them

There are priests and religious
who in their self-righteousness believe they are beyond sinning.
Just because they “left everything to follow their call”,
they think they are entitled to just about everything.

There are businessmen and entrepreneurs
who in their greed and selfishness see everything,
and often everyone, as theirs for the taking.
They find nothing wrong owning more that what they need
And the rest have to content themselves with crumbs from their table.

In prayer, I humbly acknowledge that I am not immune to such tendencies
and fervently ask to lead me not into temptation
but to deliver me from all evil.

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