Some Truths Are Immeasurable


The scientific method puts a premium on predictability,
repeatability and the central tendency in its statistical analysis.
One essential tool of the scientific method is measurement.
Even among managers, it is axiomatic to say that
what cannot be measured cannot be managed.
Yet, these oft quoted words – often wrongly attributed to Einstein –
also have a clear ring of the truth in them:
Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.

While I love reading about science and
am always amazed by scientific achievements,
I feel I am essentially an non-science person.
I am usually unpredictable and I hate it
when others try to second guess my words or actions.
I do not believe I am repeatable.
I am unique and there will never be another event quite like me.
I dislike being part of a central tendency.
I rather relish being an outlier in any mass of data.
Christ, while predicting many events in his life, did what was totally unexpected
and unpredictable to the Jews of his time.
They were crying for justice; he preached love.
They expected a political messiah to liberate them from the Romans;
he was instead crucified by the Romans.
They went to great lengths to observe the many stipulations of the law
– more than 600 of them –
he left just one great commandment.
They thought they had put him to death.
He rose again on the third day.
Science is hard put trying to measure and therefore explain the Resurrection.
That does not mean it did not happen.

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1 Response to Some Truths Are Immeasurable

  1. Jose Raoul Dizon says:

    Another superb article, Verne. Thanks a lot. You’ve quite a list now – and it’s still growing.

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