Faith and Love, Always Together


Could life ever come from rocks and stones?
Doesn’t seem possible, experience tells me.
Even so, scientists say we really came from rocks and dust from the stars.

Should there be anything at all?
there could have been just nothing for all eternity
and no one would have noticed at all.
Still, we are here and the only reality we know is life.

Does life end with death?
Looks like it since experience tells me that
everything must end some day.
Still in all, something deep inside me knows and yearns and believes
that life is changed and never taken away.

Many may say that the Resurrection is not possible.
But there are just too many signs for me to believe otherwise.
Just as life is stronger than nothingness,
Faith is stronger than my doubts.

Faith, and its natural twin Love, have always brought me Light and Life.
Faith without deeds is dead and love without action is but pretension.
True love sets no limits.
It sets no conditions.
Often, I find myself setting limits and conditions
before I open up in love and care:
is the other person truly deserving?
am I just being taken for a ride?
will I get hurt helping this person?
am I getting the short end of this transaction?
do I lose out in the end?
And before I can answer these questions,
or even just clear them out of my mind,
the opportunity to love, to care has passed away.
Christ preached love.
But, more importantly he lived and acted out what he was preaching about.

Easter is a celebration that faith changes everything in my life.
Easter is an affirmation that I have accepted Christ’s commandment of Love.

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