Travails of a Warriors Fan


As a long-time fan of the Warriors, I remember the time when they were the favorite whipping boy of the league.For a long time, they were the cellar dwellers, the floor for all the other teams to step on. Every victory then was a occasion for celebration, a cause for rejoicing. The losses? The fans were used to them.

Today, they are on top of the heap. In fact, the defending champions. Fans expect them to come out as winners in most every game. Oh, they may lose a game or so. That was okay. But to be 1-4 for their last five games and suffer back-to-back losses for the first time, that stings. It is unacceptable. Emotionally invested as I am in the team, the back-to-back losses are more upsetting than the the occasional victories in the past were exhilarating.

Hmm. There must be a life-lesson in here somewhere.

Growing up my favorite super hero was Superman. Luke Skywalker was not yet born at that time. When I had my first son, I introduced him to Superman, hoping he’d take after me. Alas, he fell in love with Batman instead. And I asked him why. He said, “What’s the fun when you can never lose and always win? Batman gets hurt, can die, and sometimes loses out to the Joker or the Riddler.” My son had a very perceptive insight.

I remember coming to the US where most everything worked out as planned and the systems (transport, public service, retail outlets) generally functioned effectively. People would go crazy when thing do not work out as expected. I came from the Philippines where hardly anything worked out properly (transport, public service, retail outlets). So, the few occasions when these systems actually served their functions, there was great rejoicing and real gratitude.

I know there is a lesson here somewhere. I am listening and open to what life or the universe or God is trying to tell me. But of late, I have been rather hard of hearing.

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2 Responses to Travails of a Warriors Fan

  1. Like your son, I prefer Batman over Superman too.

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