Too Good To Be True?


In my daily experience of dealing and relating with people,
I have learned that what is too good to be true is often not true.
A lucrative job that is easy and effortless would probably involve something criminal.
An investment scheme that promises very high rates of return is probably a scam.
A food supplement that is claimed to heal or prevent a whole host of symptoms and diseases is most probably nothing more than a placebo.

But in my spiritual life and relationship with God,
I have also learned that what is too good to be true MUST be true.
There is no compelling reason that I should be here. Yet I am here.
I did not choose the village (my family and friends) I grew up in.
Yet, everyone and everything I needed to grow up was there.
He promised me life everlasting.
And, my God, that must be true and am excited just thinking about it.

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