De-bugging Oneself


SPIRIT MOMENT: Anabelle and I have a friend who is a Poor Clare cloistered nun. I remembered one time she was telling us that they do not change clothes everyday but wear the same set of habits for several days. I asked if this was to save on clothing or on the laundry expenses, knowing they had vows of poverty. She said it was indeed because of their vow of poverty but not to save but to be in solidarity with the real poor, who may have just one set of clothing in their life or who may not have anything to wear at all. Ima always loved to say that God will provide and He does, He did and He will. It bugs me that I am often bitten by the acquisitiveness and the possessiveness bugs.

This is something I wrote on April 20, 2012. Since then I have greatly simplified my life but I am still struggling to rid myself of the two bugs I wrote about.

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