“Behold, I make all things new.”


Then I, John, saw a new heaven and a new earth.
The former heaven and the former earth had passed away,
and the sea was no more.
I also saw the holy city, a new Jerusalem,
coming down out of heaven from God.
~ Revelation 21:1-2

Four years ago today, I wrote:
Hunger and thirst. Without food and water, man would perish and die, like a frog boiling to death in water being slowly brought to a boil. Hunger and thirst drive men to seek food and water to survive. And when this basic hunger and thirst is satisfied, men seek to quench a deeper hunger and thirst in order to thrive. Primal hunger and thirst tell us we lack something to keep on living. Human hunger and thirst tell us we need something more than just food and water to make life worth living.

We always seek to fill what is lacking in us. And somehow, we have an idea of what it is we are seeking. We have experienced what beauty is to know that we can turn something ugly into something beautiful. We know what goodness is; so that we seek to make good that which we experience as bad. We have laughed and had fun to seek these when we are in tears or in sorrow.

Deep inside us, we know that someday somehow there is Someone who “will wipe every tear from our eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, wailing or pain.” The One who sits on the throne and says, “Behold, I make all things new.”



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