Praying For Hope


Two persons looking at the same picture can see two completely different things. One person may see the dark clouds foreboding a coming storm. Another one will see the interesting interplay of dull and vibrant colors.

I have some friends, both on Facebook and off, who have such a rosy outlook in life. They always see the positive side of things and the goodness there is in people. Oh, they have their share of problems and misfortunes; but they’d see the bright side of such events and all the good that has come out of their previous mishaps.

I also have some friends who bitch and complain just about everything and anything, all the time. Nothing good nor positive things ever seem to happen in their lives. And when some good things do come; they look at them with suspicion and try to see the catch somewhere. They live their days in continuous gloom and portending doom.

We see what we seek. And from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. When we spill our cup, what pours out is what is in the cup. When we take the spills in our life, what comes out is what our hearts and minds are already full of.

Can we choose to be positive or negative? Or, are we naturally of positive or negative disposition. It seems to me that positive people find it easier to be hopeful. Is hope then something we choose to do? Or, is it like faith, a gift?

Whatever, I pray for the gift of Hope.

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