Amazing God

While they were all amazed at his every deed,
Jesus said to his disciples,
“Pay attention to what I am telling you.
The Son of Man is to be handed over to men.”
Luke 9:44-45

The Psalmist sings, “How great are your works, O LORD! Your thoughts are very deep!”

Today, we are continually being awed and amazed by the next big thing which continually get churned out by science and technology on a daily basis. I am particularly impressed by the computer, how it is made up up two essential components. There is the hardware which is all the tangible part of the computer: the screen, the CPU, the keyboard, the mouse, and so on. Then there is the software which is all the intangible components, like the programs and apps, that make the computer actually do what we want it to do. Amazing. Impressive.

I am pretty sure where we got that idea. Man has to components too. There is the physical and tangible part, the body. And there is the intangible and spiritual part, the soul. Just as the computer cannot function without the software, so a person cannot be human without his soul.

And just when we think we have everything figured out, God turns everything upside down. Through the ages, men have lusted for power, to be able to have dominance and ascendancy over their fellow men. Christ had himself handed over to men. Since time immemorial, men have been consumed with desire for wealth and fame. Christ taught his followers to be the last and servant of all. He declared, “Blessed are the poor.”

I don’t understand a lot of things. But this does not bother me for as long as I know that the God who made me possible is in control. He will not allow the good that he has created go to waste.

“Lord, I believe you are the God of Creation and all creation is good. You do not make trash and you will bring everything to perfection – in your time.”

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