Darkness, Conversion and the Evil One


We live in dark times. Darkness is all around us.
It is even darker for those whose lives have been snuffed out
just because they lived in slum areas;
or they did not speak like we do;
or they behaved or acted differently;
or they spoke another language.
It is darkest for those who never see the light of day
because they are aborted even before they are born;
or even before they are done playing out of their childhood;
or even before they learn what their life is all about.

Today we celebrate the conversion of Paul.
As Saul, he was brought darkness into the lives of the first Christians.
He was the number one persecutor of these early Christians.
Converted on his way to Damascus, he became Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.
In each person is a wonderful story aching to be told.
We have a choice on how to tell the story.
With God’s grace, Saul became Paul.
With God’s grace, anyone is capable of conversion.
Anyone can change.

There is only one person not capable of change or conversion.
He is the Evil One.  The Devil.  Satan.
He has made an eternal decision to go against God’s will.
And sadly, his minions are very active in our world today.
We must be aware and beware.
He is real.

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