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Love Is The Only Law Of The Universe

All things by immortal power. Near or far, to each other linked are, that thou canst not stir a flower without troubling of a star. ~ by the poet and mystic, Francis Thompson I first heard these lines from Fr. … Continue reading

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The Day After Christmas

And just like that Christmas Day is over. Presents have been exchanged and opened. Christmas family meals have been shared. Things are all back to their normal routine. And people are back in their quest of wealth, power and fame. … Continue reading

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Faith and Knowing

I do not need faith to know that there is a God. I simply have to look up to the heavens and see the beauty of the stars and the galaxy to know there is a Creator who made everything … Continue reading

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I Believe In Serendipity

  I picked up the book, misreading its title as A Man Called Love. Being the incurable romantic that I am, I thought “I’d love to read about the story of a man called Love.” And it was a best … Continue reading

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Ruminations And Murmurings

Last week was Father’s Day. And I was thinking about mine, Tatang. As I am approaching the age at which he passed away, I think about him a lot these days. There are many questions I would have loved to … Continue reading

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An Embracing Presence

I rise up each morning to a beautiful sunrise. And I am thankful to whomever gave me another day to live. I look out my window and see the flowers of spring in bloom. I smile at their effortless and … Continue reading

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We Are One

One of my first impulses in meeting new people, specially fellow Filipinos, is to find connections and common bonds. In so many ways, I ask where they are from, where they went to school, where they have worked. Then, I … Continue reading

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