Transit Umbra,Lux Permanet.


It is so easy to fall into set ways and be comfortable with the routine
and then complain about how boring life can be.
Change is a challenge to move ahead and become better.
Water that is not stirred becomes stale and turbid.
Muscles that are not used atrophy and soon die.
And whatever we do not use, we must lose.

We often wish for a life of ease and comfort,
free of pain and tears and sufferings.
But we know it is through our struggling
that we get to enjoy the exhilarating heights
or delight in the coolness of the valley.
We must suffer some falls and bruises
for us to appreciate life’s graces.

And so it is in our lives.
We hate the darkness so we go seeking for the light.
We know we were not made to hate; so we seek to love.
We are afraid of death because we are meant to live forever.

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