Let the Children Teach Us Once More


I just love watching how children, specially at play,
even though they might have just met each other for the first time.
Spontaneously and very naturally, they soon become friends
and are deep in play and in a fantasy world all their own – in no time at all.
Much sooner and with a lot less effort than adults.

Today, in the Philippines, our national leadership would destroy our children
by passing a law bringing down the age of criminal responsibility to 9 years old.
Can children really be held criminally responsible at this tender age?
What kind of society would compromise its future by imprisoning
its children in such a ludicrous and cruel prison?

They say the youth are the hope of a nation.
How can a nation remain hoping if children are treated like hardened criminals?
Parents are always hopeful for the future because they want to see
their children living in and creating a better world;
perhaps even to redeem their shortcomings and weaknesses.

Children are born with and in love.
They learn about anger and hatred and revenge much later.
How can a nation live in love and harmony
when children are seen as full of hate and malice even at a tender age?
There are no parents who would like to see their children
grow in hate and anger; but rather dream of having loving and compassionate

Children carry with them the promise of a brighter tomorrow.
They are a guarantee we shall survive in spite of our follies and sins as adults.
How can we be so blind to this truth when even beasts protect their offsprings?
Without children, there is no future.
Without a future, why do we even care or try?



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