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I have always been a dreamer, an idealist. I sometimes imagine myself as one little candle trying to dispel as much darkness as I can. Humbly, I acknowledge that I have received this light as a gift, freely and unmerited. … Continue reading

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Transit Umbra,Lux Permanet.

It is so easy to fall into set ways and be comfortable with the routine and then complain about how boring life can be. Change is a challenge to move ahead and become better. Water that is not stirred becomes … Continue reading

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Evil in the World

There is evil in the world. One only needs to look around to realize this. War is evil. Violence is evil. Widespread poverty is evil. Oppression is evil. Evil is real and there are many would minimize it. They would … Continue reading

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From Minutes To Moments

It is a sunny morning, promising to be even hotter today than yesterday. I have just been given another day and everything I need to last until I get yet another day tomorrow. In fact, I am given my life … Continue reading

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God’s Self-Revelation

In the beginning, God said “Let there be light.” And there was life. Science has provenĀ that bombarding inert matter with light over time will eventually cause life to spring forth. And once alive, all living organisms instinctively seek out the … Continue reading

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Light and Life

As a child I was afraid of the dark. Darkness embodied everything I was afraid of. I imagined all kinds of monster and evil lurking in those dim shadows. As I grew up darkness also came to representĀ  being lost, … Continue reading

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