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Wondering About Life

Life, for all its beauty and wonder, is essentially a mystery, a conundrum. Existence, like life, is replete with contradictions, contrasts and paradoxes. Everything we sense is made up of matter and energy. At the deepest level, matter and energy … Continue reading

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Journeying With Mindfulness

To arrive at a destination usually means to level up. Every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning. Each arrival is but the preparation for another departure. I recall my days in the corporate world where the bosses and … Continue reading

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Knowing The Place For The First Time

We shall not cease from exploration¬† And the end of all our exploring¬† Will be to arrive where we started¬† And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, remembered gate When the last of earth left to … Continue reading

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Time And/Or Money?

Money once spent or lost can be earned or found again. Time once spent or lost is gone forever. Therefore, time is more valuable than silver or gold. One needs money to buy a wide screen HDTV to enjoy great … Continue reading

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Life Everlasting

Life is such a wonderful experience many people are loathe to leave it. Death is such a great unknown many people are loathe to face it. Yet, there is life and it is meant to be eternal. Once you are, … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Really? Sometime ago, I wrote this in answer to that question: “As I think of the defining moments in my life, I realize that I can never fully define myself except in relationships with others. One person … Continue reading

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What Are The Odds?

Recently, all of Manila was agog over a first-time ever one billion pesos Lotto jackpot. Many who haven’t played Lotto before did so for the first time. There ws an air of pregnant expectancy in the air for several days … Continue reading

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