Wondering About Life


Life, for all its beauty and wonder, is essentially a mystery, a conundrum.
Existence, like life, is replete with contradictions, contrasts and paradoxes.
Everything we sense is made up of matter and energy.
At the deepest level, matter and energy are interchangeable.
Are we but quantum mass occupying space
or a bundle of energy solidified?

We can sense matter and energy only with the light.
Light or heat are often markers or indicators of their presence.
In the massiveness of the universe, it seem there more darkness than light.
Yet, darkness is nothing but the absence of light.
Darkness actually does not exist.

Because there is light, there is also life.
And because there is darkness, there is also death.
Yet, death is nothing but the absence of life.
Death does not really exist.

Every time someone or something dies, a new life is born.
And this apparent contradiction, we experience every day.
Beauty is a source of great awe and wonder
only because of all the ugliness around us.
Heroism and goodness is often made possible
because of all the evil and wrongdoing around us.
Nature’s most intricate designs – fractals – are nothing
but a series of similar elements
with each new element placed or made
in exactly the opposite way of the previous one.

Christ came to teach us how to handle all of these contradictions and paradoxes.
He preached love in a world steep in hatred and anger.
He taught his disciple that the first shall be last and the last, first.
He said to forgive when everyone else was shouting revenge and crying for violence.
He won his victory not by kiiling others but by willingly dying for others.

He lived among us so that we can learn how to live with and in mystery.
Faith in him is like using a kaleidoscope,
where a senseless jumble of contrasting and often unrelated elements
would form to show us delicate and beautiful patterns.
Every turn of the kaleidoscope gives us a new picture to love and appreciate.
Every turn of life, everything and everyone is rearranged into something new.
It can sometimes be confusing but it is a wonderful life.

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