Journeying With Mindfulness


To arrive at a destination usually means to level up.
Every ending contains the seeds of a new beginning.
Each arrival is but the preparation for another departure.

I recall my days in the corporate world
where the bosses and the powers that be, and later on I myself,
would constantly raise the bar for greater performance levels.
This is the human drive for excellence and perfection
– to quest for more,
– to seek for that which is better.
– to invent that which is not yet,
– To see that which cannot be seen.

The tragedy is when this quest becomes tainted with greed, selfishness and pride.
That is when people and principles might be sacrificed or compromised
in the quest of the almighty goal,
when the end would justify any means.

Enjoying the journey while working for a goal
allows one the leisure and the facility to reflect on people and principles
even as one is working for and towards goals and methods.
Mindfulness in prayer.

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