The Eternal WOW!


We embark on this journey called life
with many other boats on this endless sea.
And as we struggle on through unending strife
We wonder what our life is meant to be.

We are sailing together as seafarers all
Though there are times we are but alone
And when the final bell for us does call
We find we are entirely on our own

The journey is both exciting, arduous and more
There are moments of joy mixed with times of grief
But in the end we finally come to the shore
Some journeys are long and others brief

We come to shore where there are no more poor
For the kingdom of heaven is now theirs
Where mourning has gone out of the door
For heaven has kissed away their cares.

The meek and the humble shall have inherited the earth
The hungry and the thirsty shall have had their fill
The merciful shall see mercy and grace come to birth
And pure hearts shall see God! Oh, what a thrill!

We end our journey where wars and conflicts are gone
There is peace for we are all God’s children now
The eternal day of bliss and happiness has dawned
We shall be living then in the eternal WOW!


MT 5:1-12A
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