Some Thoughts as The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens opens this weekend and is the talk of the town. I’m thinking . . . .

Sheer probability alone would dictate that we are not alone in the universe. Our galaxy alone – the Milky Way – a rather small one compared to the millions of galaxies out there, has about 500 billion stars all of which have planets revolving around them. There’s got to be other living, feeling and thinking beings out there. What are the chances? The odds are actually good.

And yet, for all our efforts to reach our and search, we are still actually alone. And in the billions of years before us, other civilizations in some galaxies far far  away must have found ways and means of finding and encountering us. But it is sheer cosmic silence out there. What are the chances that we are actually the only living, feeling and thinking beings in the entire universe. What are the chances? The possibility is staggering.

Just because we do not see or encounter them does not mean they (the extra-terrestrials) do not exist. In the same way, just because we do not see or encounter God the way our senses are accustomed to does not mean he does not exist.

Man’s ability to think has led us on this search – for life elsewhere in the universe and for a God who made it all. We see something and we know from experience there is an antecedent event that caused it. Nothing comes from nothing. And everything something we see has been caused by something else. And yet when we come to the end of all causes, many rational people who would swear by the principle of causation and causality are okay with the thought that the universe and everything in it are actually uncaused. How is that?

There is a lot mystery in life and in the universe. We will never get to know all the answer, may be ever. But I can live with the thought that there is a God who triggered off the primeval Big Bang. In fact, I derive great inspiration and insight in this thought.

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