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Real Miracles

In my pain and suffering, I actually prayed for a miracle. I prayed that God take away the pain or at least make it bearable. But the pain stayed on. I prayed for strength to courageously bear my pain; but … Continue reading

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Authentic Generosity

I am not really a selfish person. When asked to give, I usually give rather freely of my time, talent and treasure. When there is something meaningful or an important task to be done, I am usually among the first … Continue reading

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Generosity And Pain

I became very selfish and self-preoccupied in my pain. I became fixated on my suffering and on my needs. I became very grasping and wanting things for myself, done my way and in my time. I wanted God to do … Continue reading

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Pain and Prayers

Emotions and feelings, whether good (like joy) or bad (like sorrow), can be shared. In fact, in there lies the power of emotions. Good emotions, when shared, are multiplied. Bad emotions, when shared, are divided. Pain is not for sharing. … Continue reading

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The pain of my operations was not only physical. The more difficult to handle was the emotional and spiritual pain that came with the physical. It was the physical that pushed me over the edge of despondency and helplessness. But … Continue reading

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The Pain

I went into surgery praying for an uneventful procedure and an¬†expeditious recovery. Then, I offered whatever pain I would experience as a sacrifice in atonement¬†for my sins and as a sacrifice for the relief of the pain in the world … Continue reading

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