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Never Stop Hoping

All the wars and violence. All that anger and hatred fueling them. All that greed and selfishness. All the hunger and deprivation caused by them. All that licentiousness and hedonism. All the addiction and enslavement they engender. Are because we … Continue reading

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God in Control

“A tree that falls makes more noise than a forest that grows.” ~ Pope Francis The world loves to be in control. And control is often measured in terms of wealth, power, and fame. The world’s financial and economic leaders … Continue reading

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There are times I look at the world and I get worried about the incessant drive for more and more growth in business. I remember my own days in the corporate world, we used to plan for growth year after … Continue reading

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Jerusalem was in the news again the other day when five people died and eight more were wounded in a brutal attack on a synagogue there. The two assailants were also killed. It was a tragic and a very ironic event. Tragic, … Continue reading

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Home and Family

It is strange and paradoxical how our family and our loved ones can be both the source of our greatest joys and deepest love and at the same time the cause of our greatest pains and deepest sorrows; how the … Continue reading

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Fears and Anxieties

What are the storms in my life that keep me terrified? What are my fears and anxieties? As a child, I used to be afraid of the dark. You could never send me alone into a dark room or a … Continue reading

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God gave me life and placed me in the middle of a garden He created called Earth. I did nothing to deserve such awesome and infinite love. With a grateful heart, I want to sing praises to Him. I want … Continue reading

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