Never Stop Hoping


All the wars and violence.
All that anger and hatred fueling them.
All that greed and selfishness.
All the hunger and deprivation caused by them.
All that licentiousness and hedonism.
All the addiction and enslavement they engender.
Are because we have forgotten how to hope.

We refuse to even hope.
We refuse to lift our heads
and look at the glorious morning
breaking on the horizon.
We wallow in our sins and enjoy the mud like pigs.
And in a perverse way, we enjoy it.
There is no need for hope.
We are doomed.
The world is doomed.

Yet, there is that whispering inside us
Saying, every day is an opportunity
To make things better
To transform our sty into paradise.
We must be willing to wait
and while waiting, work.

Our salvation is at hand
and a great light is about to break out in the heavens.


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